Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 12

I won't call it taper madness, but I registered online for Hog's Hunt 50k at Huntsville State Park this Saturday. I am beginning to really like that park, I only wish it was closer than 100 miles from me. It kind of sucks having to leave home at 4am to go and walk 50k... btw... Monday was a day off of training. I will get my usual Tuesday workout today. 6 miles. I may do a little speed work at the track.

So, I did get to the track and do some speed work, 2 miles warm up, then 6 x 400m at somewhere between 5k and 10k pace with 400 meter rests, 1 mile cool down.

Funny thing. Some people (most people) who come to the track to walk (I won't call it working out) have no idea about track etiquette. They bring their children and their bicycles. The children play chicken on their bicycles. Then they aim these bicycles straight at you. I had to leave before I had finished my cool down laps and cool down on the walk home, or I might have knocked these sweet little children off of their bicycles. Gosh, then the fight would have been on, and there were lots more of them; of course, I could probably walk faster than they could run and I would have made a clean break.

I absolutely don't begrudge anyone the use of the track for working out, walking, running, whatever they choose to do. Some of the children were doing 50 meter sprinting races. That is fun to watch and it does my heart good to see children out there running rather than sitting home playing the dreaded video game console of their choice.

OK, now I will step down off the soapbox.

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