Friday, May 29, 2009

just some training stuff

So, I guess I need to post a little update on how I am feeling leading up to the Mohican 100 mile trail race on June 29 in Loudonville Ohio. I am totally freaked out. I guess everyone goes through a little craziness before their first attempt at 100 miles. I know I have trained well enough. I have lost a few pounds and am going to do my best not to graze aimlessly during the taper.

Monday, May 25
got a walk in this afternoon. 13.61 miles starting at 1:40 pm. It was about 90 degrees and I had a rough time of it. average pace was 14:59, including about 17 minutes stopped. If I subtract out the stopped time, my actual walking pace was 14:11. I had a little dizzy spell in what was supposed to be next to last loop, so I drank some extra electrolyte and water, walked the rest of the way back to mom's house and decided not to do the last loop.

I have not walked the rest of this week, because my left shin to the outside right below the knee has been a little sore off and on since Angie's Half Crazy Half Marathon. I really pressed for a pr there and the whole race was on concrete. I got the pr, and a sore leg. I know I am trained well endurance wise, and don't want to risk injury, so I felt like resting the leg was the smart thing to do this week.

I plan to do a long walk on Saturday, then a short one on Sunday.

On to other races. Preparations for the ET Midnight marathon are going well. My friends and I are going to have a blast.

Since ATY has been cancelled this year, I have been looking at every day, looking for a suitable replacement. I found today when I looked today. I am really excited as I emailed the RD and he said ultrawalkers such as myself would certainly be welcome, because a lot of the ultrarunners walk during some stages of their races anyway. The best thing about NorthCoast 24 is that the course is guaranteed to be totally flat and will give ultra athletes a great chance to see how far they can go in 24 hours under optimal conditions. Also, the race is located in Cleveland Ohio, near the Lake Erie shore. Oh, boy, I have family in the area... and would only incur travel expenses, not hotel.

Check out the website if you are interested in this type of race.

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