Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

So, I walked a marathon last Sunday, 6 miles on Tuesday, and 8 miles on Thursday. In order to keep building mileage for Mohican, I scheduled a 20 mile hill walk for today, which would bring my 7 day mileage total to 60. I knew I could get it done, no matter how slowly. I got off to a late start, even though I had gathered my stuff for the walk the night before. I finally loaded up my car and left for the 15 minute drive to Bellville at around 8:30. The Garmin shows I started my walk at 9:01 am. It was 77 degrees with overcast skies and high humidity.

Every year, the city of Bellville has a celebration called Heritage Days. Folks dress up in period costumes; there is an open air market, tours of the old jail house, gunfighters in the streets and an honest to goodness longhorn cattle drive right through town and around the Austin County courthouse to start off the usual small town parade.

The parade was lining up along my hill walking loop. The walk was interesting because I was never alone. One of the American Legion veterans asked me just how long I was planning to walk because I had already passed him 3 times. I told him I would pass this spot 3 more times because I walk the loop in one direction then reverse directions in order to get to 20 miles. He said 20 MILES??? He didn’t have much more to say when I explained I was walking up and down these hills in training for a 100 mile race. At that point, I looked down the street and there came the herd of longhorn cattle. I was really glad to be getting the heck down the street in the opposite direction.

It was high noon by then and the temperature was getting higher. The clouds were starting to dissipate and the sun was coming out. I still had over 2 hours to go. I was following my hydration and nutrition plan, so I wasn’t having any ill effects from the heat; I was just tired from a full week. I was carrying some Fritos, a few GU energy gels, some homemade chocolate chip cookies, and some Clif Shot Blocks (margarita flavor with extra salt). Every 6.5 miles, I passed my mom’s house and ate some peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bite of banana and a bite or two of chocolate. I also refilled my fuel belt.

Alright, I got to about 15 miles and the heat started getting to me. I used a little of my water to wet my head, and drank some extra electrolyte. I never got nauseated, so I guess I did the right thing. By the way, I was wearing a pair of not too tight compression shorts with some looser shorts that had pockets; a long sports bra and a long sleeve UA heat gear top. That helped to keep me cool, as it was a little breezy even though the temp and humidity was oppressive. At that point, I still had to pass by my mom’s house one more time in order to get the whole 20 miles done. It was difficult, but I have a goal and I won’t let a little heat interfere with getting there. Not this time. Once before I let the Texas heat defeat my plan to walk the Akron marathon. That would have been my first sub 6 hour walking marathon, had I done it. Sorry I digress. That was water under an old bridge. I continued on for the last loop and when I turned up my mom’s street for the finish, I was thinking it was about 85 degrees. And, I was right on the number.

I went in the house to drink my recovery drink, Carnation Instant Breakfast today, and pace back and forth until I could get down to the floor and stretch. I went to take a shower and I would love to show you my sunburned hands. UA UV… It works. I will now date myself for you… seeing my dark hands at the end of light arms made me think of the Dick Van Dyke show. If you don’t remember Dick Van Dyke, then you are younger than me.

My sister and my mom are very artistic and were part of a featured artist showing at a local antique show along with several other local artists. So, the rest of the afternoon was spent hanging around the antique shop, eating homemade crackers (my mom is an awesome cook), chocolate chip cookies and brownies, while meeting some interesting people. Here is one of the websites my sister’s rubber art stamps can be purchased through

That is all for now.

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  1. great job under harsh conditions - ugh! 85 degrees! - it was 49-50 this morning here and drizzling, which was pretty good for my 10 miles.