Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 20 - Training Walk

I didn't get started until about 5:30 pm, and the wind was really blowing. I decided I was going to the school track near my house to walk around in circles so that I could work on speed a little. Turns out there was a high school soccer game going on (new sport for our school - does that mean there is hope for a racewalking team???).

I had my flashlight along, just in case, so I headed away from the school and around the neighborhood again. I was dressed in layers, so not too cold. It ended up being a good tempo walk, 6.04 miles in 1:16:16 for an average pace of about 12:37mpm, average HR 77%, max HR 84%. Once I was home, I stretched really well. The right side is finally starting to loosen up.

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