Friday, December 19, 2008

Work was fun today.

Started out rough, then just got better and better. I was supposed to drive 80 miles early this morning to one of our store locations to work on the computer. I didn't get to start out until about 1 this afternoon. Cleaned up the data that needed cleaning, then one phone call, and off to the next location to install some software that I had forgotton on Monday. That phone call took about an hour and twenty-five minutes, you know, the phone call that usually takes fifteen minutes.

I Drove 70 miles to the next location, and installed the software in about 5 minutes.
I suppose it wasn't too terrible to spend the afternoon alone in the car. I just cranked up the tunes (Opeth, Metallica and Porcupine Tree) and had some solitary time. ;-)

I have to get up early tomorrow morning and walk... somewhere between 12 and 16 miles, depending on how I feel. Then there is a Christmas party in the evening.

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