Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25 – workout

I slept in a little this morning because it was a holiday. I invited a couple of friends over for coffee, which we enjoyed immensely. I really love coffee and I bought this blend at the Sunmart 50k/50m race expo. It is called Ultra Q50 Coffee, Endurance, Medium Roast, Whole bean, 100% Nicaraguan Gavilan coffee. What a fantastic tasting smooth cup! Email or call 520.820.0598 for ordering information. I never buy coffee at the grocery store. I took a chance on this particular coffee without tasting it because the ladies reassured me it had just been roasted and packaged 3 days prior. I am telling you, they didn’t steer me wrong!

I decided to have a little lunch, and then go out for my 8 miles. I didn’t expect to encounter too much traffic, and I wasn’t disappointed. The first 7 miles, my average pace was 12:43mpm, then the last of 8 miles was 13:30mpm for cool down. I’ll stretch really well after I cool down a little more.

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