Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 27, 2008 – Training walk

Today was supposed to be 12 miles at target marathon pace. Well, I put on the wrong pair of shoes (Asics Hyperspeed Gel 2) and went out when it was sprinkling. I was trying to get the miles in before the cold front made it this far south.

My sciatica was starting to act up on the right side, so, speed wasn't in the picture from the beginning. It turned out that I would be walking at trail race pace from the beginning.

I remember now why I said those shoes are only for speed work. I have two of the hugest blood blisters I have ever seen, one on the ball of each foot. The right foot started feeling strange at about 6 miles then at 9 miles I had to abort the walk and head home because the left one started to hurt.

9.32 miles in 2:21:06 average pace 15:08mpm average hr 125 (65%). This includes about a 10 minute stop for stretching and flexibility drills.

I stretched when I got home, then drained the blisters and taped my feet up. Then my DH and I put together the new entertainment center we got for Christmas. We put all the stuff away and now we are watching movies.

I'll try for the 12 miles tomorrow. I just need to remember to prep my feet with body glide and wear the right shoes.

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