Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Work gets in the way.

This blog is supposed to be about walking. It would be really nice to find the time to go for a walk this week.

When out for my walk on Saturday, I got some terribly large blood blisters on the balls of both of my feet. The blisters are drained and trimmed... so now the feet are ready to go for a walk, but I have just been too busy at work. We are doing a mandatory software upgrade, and I am the only one who can facilitate it.

Yesterday I worked from 7 am until midnight, with a little break to help my mom with setting up her new cell phone. Today I got started at 6:30 am and didn't get home until after 6pm. Thank goodness my friend wanted to go out for coffee when I got home from work. That gave me a chance to wind down a little. I have one more location to upgrade tomorrow. It is about an 80 mile drive each way, so I am taking along my workout gear and walking during my lunch hour, or else I will miss another walking day.

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