Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sometimes you just HAVE to be crazy.

So, I did get a walk in today. On my lunch hour. In a strange town. Wow. It was really strange.

4.63 miles in 61:32. Pretty good pace. Problem was... I walk all the time. I have walked in different cities and smaller towns. I have never heard so much horn honking, whistling, hollering, HEY... HEY... People in this small town where I was walking must have been absolutely freaked out by the sight of me. They actually rolled up on me in their vehicles and lowered their windows to yell things at me.

My DH warned me about people in strange towns... I scoffed at him. Well, he was RIGHT. But, don't you think for one second I am going to tell him. I will just add... sometimes you HAVE to be crazy.

"It's better to be crazy than lazy!" Maryann

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