Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday, July 7

I just got in from my interval workout. It went pretty well even with all the ducking and dodging I had to do on the track. I'll bet there were 50 people out there and 99% of them had no idea what to do when they saw me. I had to ask folks to let me have lane one over and over and etc.

The plan was to do 8 repeats of: 400meter x 2 minute recovery. My HR was not coming down enough in 2 minutes so I adjusted to 8 repeats of 400meter x 400 meter recovery, preceded by 1 mile warm-up, stretching and flexibility drills and followed by 1.25 miles cool down and more stretching. All the speed intervals were under 3 minutes with an average pace of 11:30. The recovery portions were very slow with an average pace of 14:37 for recovery.

The total workout was 6.17 miles average HR 80%; max HR 93%.

Who said these clothes were quick drying and moisture wicking??? The sweat was running down my legs when I got home. I had to towel off before I could even stretch!

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