Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Catching up the workout history.

Now time to catch up with workouts since Mohican, since that is why I started blogging, to record my thoughts about my workouts.

June 22 - Mom and I walked about a mile after lunch, and then I went for a walk with Uncle Bill and Aunt Shelly while they walked Kirby. It seemed to be around 4 miles, though I am not sure and did not wear the Garmin. My legs and glutes were real sore at first, but felt better later into the walk.

June 23 - Mom and I went for about a mile walk after lunch.

June 24 - Travel day, so the only walking was in the airports carrying the luggage. That was enough of a workout for me.

June 25 - 5.2 miles. I walked from my house to the track and walked laps with an average pace of 13:32. Flexibility is returning as I was able to stretch really well during and after the workout.

June 27 - ok, got the 6.1 miles done. I checked the weather when I got in the house and it was 99 degrees; heat index 101 with low humidity of 30% when I finished. I sweated like a pig. No exaggeration there. 1:22:51; average pace 13:34; average HR 75%; max HR 84%.
June 28 - 12.05 miles this morning! Left the house at 7:20 am, temperature was 77 with 96% humidity. I was soaked within the first two miles. As it got later in the morning, it got warmer and dried up some of the humidity so that it was 85 with 74% humidity (heat index was 98). I guess this is something I just have to get used to if I want to walk; along with anyone else who lives in coastal areas. Average pace today was 14:32 including about 3 minutes stopped to refill a water bottle and get a rock out of one shoe; and the last two miles were real slow on dead legs. Average HR 71%; max HR 78%. Good work at your 20k, Rudolf! Have fun while you are away in the mountains! Seems like masters racewalking in Australia is getting as bad as it is in the US. I have been to some races where I won because I was the only woman present. I'll take the win, however, because the others chose to stay home while I was working it pretty hard!

June 30 - I decided to follow the advice I got from someone at Mohican and do the bleachers at the track for strength on the hills. My 6.09 mile walk included 35 sets of bleachers. I am defining a set of bleachers as once up and once down. I am not sure how accurate the Garmin is when going up and down the bleachers, but I think it is close. So, my average pace tonight was 16:03; average HR 77%; Max HR 86%. I am showing elevation gain and loss of around 950 feet total for the walk. The stretching is getting easier, seems like my flexibility is returning.

July 1 - Getting out the weights and the ball, changing into workout clothes. Gonna do the upper body, core workout right now. Maryann edited to add: Yes!!! did the strength training for the first time in a long time. I only did upper body and core because I think the bleachers last night were enough of a workout on my legs to last until next week. Now I just need to start riding the bike to work again.

July 3 - Morning: I didn't get to walk last night. Locked out of my bedroom by dd who works all night. I did not want to wake her up, so, when she got up, I politely asked her if she was going to sleep in my room, please don't lock me out. I need to be able to get to my walking gear. So, I will walk my 8 miles tonight after work, and 16 tomorrow morning before going to work. I was gently reminded this morning that this will satisfy my back to back long distance walk requirement on the schedule for ET.
Evening: So, it was 97 degrees when I started out for an 8 mile walk. I reached the little league park at about 4.4 miles and stopped to stretch. Some guys were playing ball and they asked me if I was having a seizure because I was lying on the ground doing some yoga twisting stretches. LOL I told them they should worry if they see me foaming at the mouth. I finished up most of my walk at the park, and then walked through the cemetery on my way home. There is just something interesting about walking through the cemetery at dusk. Anyway, 8.27 miles total, average pace 13:43, average HR 78%, max HR 87%. It's now 91 degrees after I stood outside talking to my dh and some of his friends for a while. I am somewhat of an oddity around here. There he was bragging on me again. He should say to me some of the things he says to his friends.

July 4 - 16 slow, miserable miles for me this morning. I won't elaborate, I'll just call it time on my feet, building heat resistance and overall endurance. The only thing I need to say here is that at 6am the temperature was 78, the humidity was 76% and the heat index was 89; when I finished the walk some time later... the temperature was 86, the humidity was 73% and the heat index was 104. On to the showers and now, I have to work the rest of the day selling mattresses. Oh Boy!

July 6 - Watched the Ultramarathon Man movie when I got home from work today. Even though I never run a step... Dean Karnazes is an amazing inspirational person. When I need a little push, I plan to put the movie in to remind myself I can do whatever I choose to push myself to do. As a matter of fact, strength training was the last thing I felt like doing tonight, but I did it. Upper and lower body and core exercises, so I don't have to do the bleachers tomorrow evening during my walk, I will do the 400 meter intervals at the track instead. Hopefully I can get the 400's down under 3 minutes for 8 repeats. We shall see.

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