Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catching up the workouts again

Monday, July 13:
I think this is week 3 of consecutive completed Monday weight training workouts. Upped the sets to 3. So, 3 sets of 15 repeats of 12 exercises for upper/lower body and core. I also did a full stretching routine afterwards including some twisting yoga poses.

Random thoughts:
I am only going to taper 2 weeks for ET. That seems to work best for me when training for a marathon. If I try to taper 3 weeks like I did for Mohican, workouts seem to cease rather than taper off... Besides, I don't need to taper to be crazy... because…"It's better to be crazy than lazy!"
This weekend, I will walk 12 on Saturday after I get back from a scrapbooking and paper convention in Dallas, and then 10 on Sunday. My only 20 miler for ET will be a week from Saturday.
Btw, I might get to go to a rock concert Wednesday night at House of Blues in Houston. I am keeping my fingers crossed. In case anyone is interested, the band is Clutch.

Tuesday, July 14:
I just got home. 6 miles including 42 sets of bleachers. There are 14 full sets of stairs at the stadium, 10 on the home side and 4 on the visitor side. I walked a mile to the track, three laps with all the stairs each followed by a regular lap in lane 8; slow racewalk 1 mile; regular walk 1 mile; walk 1 mile home. I did a full stretching routine concentrating heavily on hamstring and ilio flexibility followed by some twisting yoga poses with slow easy breathing.

Wednesday, July 15:
Going to do my upper body and core exercises at lunch today so I will have the evening open to go to a concert with my son... we might go to see Clutch at the House of Blues in Houston.


  1. Didn't know you liked scrapbooking. I do, too, though I haven't had any time to do it lately.

  2. I am not a scrapbooker... my mom was really just looking for unique and/or interesting paper. All they had at the show was rubber stamping supplies, greeting card making supplies, etc... No good paper. we were both disappointed.