Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Again, more workouts, or not.

I didn't walk Sunday afternoon like I thought I would. I guess I will call it the weekend off in what is starting to look like a 4 week cycle. 3 weeks hard workouts, then a weekend off. I saw an ultra racing training schedule (I don't remember where) that suggested such a training schedule and it seems to work for me.

Monday, July 20:
I am back on the bicycle! Yes! I rode for an hour, then came home and did two sets, 15 reps, of 12 strength exercises for upper/lower body and core.
the workout looks like this: upper body: shoulder press; tricep extensions, curls, pushups; 90 second rest; core: crunches, plank, oblique crunches, crunches on ball; 90 second rest; lower body: wall squat with ball, lying abduction, single leg squats with chair, lying adduction; 90 second rest then repeat the whole sequence. I change exercises with every workout so that all muscles get the same attention.
Stretched everything when I was done. Now I am having my favorite post workout snack: partially thawed frozen strawberries topped with yogurt and free cool whip. I was so far out of whack with my eating program this weekend that most of what I ate today was fruit and vegetables.

Tuesday, July 21:
I went to the track fully intending to do a ladder workout. The gates were locked and the track was closed due to pesticide spraying. So, that made me almost as angry as having to fight the children for 1 lane of the track while their parents stroll along talking on their cell phones.
Instead, I fartleked around for 6 miles. The average pace through the first 4 miles was 12:18 with an average HR of 78% (I believe that means I could have gone faster), then a mile at marathon pace 13:08, then one slow mile for cool down.


  1. I would love to walk a marathon and am seriously thinking of doing it in a couple of years. One thing that I have as my long term goal is to try out for the Centurian Club (to walk 100 miles in 24 hours) There are only two female members in the 15 years it has been run here in NZ.

    It is a really knock back to your training when you get physc'd up for a particular training session and get there to find every thing shut. I usually get to our track and find the rugby players have taken over the whole park and I end up dodging large bulkly men as the race after balls etc...I am not sure which would be more annoying...the kids or these blokes. haha

  2. Hi there, So far I have only walked half marathons. My best is 2hours 15min and it was a tough undulating course. My husband has been asked to run with my training partner in two years and complete a marathon and so I am planning to walk with them. I would love to try for the Centurian Club before I am 50...I have a few years left up my sleeve. At present I am training for a 5km and 10km in October in Sydney for the World Masters Games. I have enjoyed following your training. keep up the walking and smiling.