Saturday, April 18, 2009

more weekly walking stuff

6.14 quick miles on Tuesday, April 14. 1:17:48, average pace 12:40, average HR 76%, max HR 84% somewhere into mile 4. I keep walking too fast... I know this doesn't sound fast to some of my racewalking friends, but it is too fast to say I am training for a 100 mile walk. Oh, well, I am working really hard on slowing down.

Wednesday, April 15: I decided to go ahead and get my walk in today since it is supposed to storm tomorrow evening. 8.01 miles in 1:53:45; average pace 14:12; average HR 70%; max HR 79%. This was supposed to be an easy walk, I just always get carried away. Miles 2, 3 & 4 were just too fast, so I forcibly slowed myself WAY down in the last 3 miles.

I was planning to try another power yoga workout the past two evenings, I just can't get myself motivated to do them. I don't know what the problem is. I can keep telling myself stress from work is keeping me from doing some of my more important workouts... The voices also tell me that doing the workouts will help me deal with the stress... go figure.

Friday April 17: It has rained so hard all day that the back room of the building I work in is flooding. The water is not coming in at floor level, it is leaking from the inside of an interior wall. So, I found it necessary to move a bunch of furniture so it didn't get ruined. We don't have any men around, so I just man-handled it myself. The thing that scares me is that it is a flat asphalt coated roof, and these things tend to collapse if too much rain water collects on top of them.

Saturday April 18: I am supposed to do back to back long distance walks this weekend. I wish you could see how hard it is raining here, and heavy rain is in the forecast for the entire day. Oh, wait, here is a picture of the rain outside my front door. The streets are flooded. Hopefully the weather man is right and I will be able to at least get a walk in tomorrow. Since I don't have a treadmill, and don't have a gym membership, there is no way I can access a treadmill.


  1. Don't you just love the rain?!
    When you're training for a long walk like a marathon or an ultra marathon, do you train at the pace you plan to walk for the race or slower? I read somewhere to train 2 minutes slower than you plan to walk in the race. But, have also heard that you should train like you want to perform in the race. What do you think?

  2. Hi, Meredith! I usually do my long walks about 1 minute to 1 1/2 minutes slower per mile than I plan to walk my marathon. The idea is that the excitement of race day, and the little resting that you do during your taper will carry you along a little faster during the race. Just remember not to go out too fast at the start (I am now the pot calling the kettle black LOL). I also do a little speed work (intervals) once a week, just to make sure I don't forget how to get the feet moving faster.

    However, since I am training for 100 miles right now... most of my long walks have been faster than I plan to walk during that race. I am still in self test mode just to see what I can do.

    Notice, I didn't comment about the rain?? ;-)