Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daily Workouts

Just want to start posting my walking workouts to the blog again.

Tuesday, April 7:
I had a great walk this evening after a very stress filled day. The stretching after warmup was some of the best stretching I have been able to do in a while. I almost could touch my nose to my knee again. 6.14 miles of fartleking around at the track in 1:19:23. I kind of did 400m intervals with 400 meter rests for about 4.3 miles... Average overall pace was 12:55, including warm up and cool down. Average HR was 72%, I got it up to 85% at the end of one of the 400's. Then I went home and stretched again.

Wednesday, April 8:
I planned to do the new yoga DVD I bought today, but the recommend you watch it through before you attempt the workout, so... I watched it while I cooked dinner and cleaned up the kitchen... that took too long and I didn't get to do the workout.

Thursday, April 9:
It was a really good 8.02 mile accelleration walk... total time 1:46:22. The progression of the mile pace was great!
Mile 1 - 13:51;
Mile 2 - 13:24;
Mile 3 - 13:10;
Mile 4 - 13:01;
Mile 5 - 13:00;
Mile 6 - 12:42;
Mile 7 - 12:05.
The last 1.02 mile was slow for cool down 15:05.
I drank a carnation instant breakfast made with skim milk and some added whey protein immediately after the walk, then at about 40 minutes post workout, I stretched very well. Things that were tight seem to be loosening up a little. Seems like the hilly walks are helping.


  1. Wow, great pacing and wonderful workout :)!!!

  2. Thanks, Tammy! It always makes me feel good when I can make sure the last mile before a little cool down is the fastest.