Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19, 2009

Yesterday was miserable in my neighborhood, and I truly had intended to do back to back long distance walks this weekend, but there was no way I was getting out in that weather. We had about 8 inches of rain, and by the time it stopped, I was way beyond going for a walk.

I was planning to go out this morning, even went so far as to fill my fuel belt and everything. Instead, I piddled around the house and left to go grocery shopping at about 11 am. I made my stop at Lukes Locker... I just love the salespeople there. They always want to show me the latest racing flats they got in and we chit chat about races we are planning to do. Some are triathletes... When I told them I could never imagine riding a bicycle 100 miles, they looked at me said... Well, you are planning to do it on your feet for goodness sakes. I bought some gels and a couple of larger pouches for my fuel belt... They are having some new asics shorts sent over for me from one of their other stores. They are kind of like the race ready shorts... lots of mesh pockets across the rear. I think I will need something like that for Mohican.

Got home, put away the groceries then changed clothes and went and walked 12 miles, most of it at the high school track. Kind of a crappy walk, but I got it done in 2:47:19. I wish I was leaving for Oklahoma tomorrow instead of Saturday.

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