Friday, June 5, 2009

Something to Ponder...

I think I have stumbled upon the inspiration I need in order to complete the 100 miles at Mohican. There have been several requests for pacers on the race message board. I made my need for a pacer known in the group at least a couple of months ago. I have talked to a couple of people and the timing just wasn't right for them. So, last week, I got another email from a potential pacer. We sent a few emails back and forth, and with (I am now certain) some divine intervention, his wife is going to have knee replacement surgery the week after Mohican, so he will be my pacer. He is 75 years old and an accomplished ultrarunner with several 100's under his belt who has gotten back into running after recovering from cancer (I'm not sure what type of cancer).

He made it known to the message group that he will be pacing a woman for her first attempt at 100 miles, and if said woman doesn't finish for any reason, he will pick up another runner. Well, the comments from the others on the race message board were very inspiring! Everyone that commented said well, if you can recover from cancer, she can finish a 100 mile race! I am thinking now that barring severe injury, I would feel like I was letting this wonderful man down if I didn't finish.

There is my gift to ponder for the next 15 days until we meet. Maryann

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