Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

I was planning to do 8 x 400 at the track tonight after warming up, stretching and doing my drills, but things don't always work out as planned. I am trying to wear different workout clothes to see if I am going to have any problem areas at Mohican. Wore a skirt tonight, didn't bodyglide the thighs and lo and behold, no chafing. Even wore a sleeveless top, (no chance I would forget to bodyglide the pits) and no chafing there either! I must really be firming up from all the walking I have been doing. Cardio burns body fat!

1 mile walk to the track - 13:22 (mile 1)

1 mile quick racewalk to warm up completely - 11:48 (mile 2)
stopped timer to stretch fully and do flexibility drills. was able to stretch hamstring and shins properly due to self massage last night. going to do it again after I stretch post workout.

4 x 400m w/400m rests for the next +/- 2 miles - 11:42 & 12:02 (miles 3 & 4)
(could not use center lane on the track because the slow pokes were 3 and 4 across, just strolling along, some pushing strollers; so I had to use the outer lanes of the track.)

400m slow, 1mile racewalk at an ez pace, then walk home.12:44 & 14:23 (miles 5 & 6),

then .17 miles in 2:32 (pace 15:02)

total 6.17 miles average pace 12:44, average HR 77% Overall a great workout and glad I was able to get my HR up to 88% during the intervals.

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