Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009 - Random Things

So, I haven’t been blogging regularly lately. The main reason for my blog is to track workouts, so that other interested parties know what I am up to in the workout department.

There hasn’t been much to tell the past couple of weeks. I took a few days to recover from my marathon on January 31, and then I did the 50 mile trail race on February 7. After that, I needed a few more days to recover. My legs were hurting a little after the 50, and I was contemplating changing my mind about the 100 miler in June. I even went so far as to tell my mom I wasn’t going to do it.

A few days passed, and Wednesday I went for a 3.19 mile walk. All right, I was feeling a little better. I walked 5 miles on Sunday, after a few more days of rest. I tried a little racewalking each day.

Sunday afternoon after I was finished with my 5 mile walk, I realized that the cutoff for early registration for the Mohican 100 was here. Either I was registering on Sunday, or I was going to pay $35.00 more. The prospect of wasting $35.00, and the encouragement of a lot of my online supporters, made me do it. When I told my mom I registered for the 100 miler, she said, I already called the family and told them we weren't coming. I told her to remember not to listen to anything I say immediately after I complete any race of 50 miles or more. She will just have to give me a few days to get my thoughts together.

I am also registered for a 5k on March 1. I won’t try to racewalk the whole 5k, but I will do my level best to make a good showing. My 5k pr is 35:25, and it would tickle the heck out of me to best that. I am not sure I have it in me, 3 weeks after a 50 mile trail race, but we shall see.

Rambling on, I am walking a half marathon on March 29 and a full marathon on April 26. This is all in training for the Mohican 100 mile race on June 20.

Bad thing: I never got any relief from my three visits to the chiropractor before my trip to Phoenix. My retired doctor had asked me to report back after seeing the chiropractor, so I called him. Good thing: The retired doctor is going to see me one day this week. I thanked him very much, and reminded him that I still feel like I am imposing on him. He said, “You are.” I told him it wouldn’t feel so much like I am imposing if he would let me pay for the treatment. I guess I’ll see what happens.

I guess that’s all for now.

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