Tuesday, August 13, 2013

an Ode to Klean Kanteen

It has been quite some time since I have been moved to write anything for the blog.  Something happened the other day, I almost lost my Klean Kanteen.  I remembered I had left it at a merchandise review at Luke's Locker on West Gray in Houston, the place I had purchased it so many years ago.  I was about half way home and realized it was missing, so I called and one of the girls found it for me.  Of course, I drove back to get it.  Seems as this inanimate object is a not so subtle reminder of who I once was. 

an Ode to Klean Kanteen

Eight years have passed
since you and I crossed paths.
Chubby and out of shape;
your cleansing water took the place
of diet sodas and milk shakes.

Funny how I remember the fear
I felt as I entered the place
where runners buy their gear.
Walking would save me from
a sedentary maelstrom.

My constant companion;
you went with me to the Grand Canyon.
Though I could not make it
to the river that trip...
I'll make it next time with you held tight in my grip!

Sitting at the dinner table
they tried to serve my water in a glass
but Klean Kanteen kept my hydration stable.
Kind of sounds like I am obsessed
but from my hands they cannot wrest.

One day while racewalking at the park,
I left you by my tire... what a lark.
I tired of carrying you
on that two mile loop
and you disappeared on the third pass through.

A busload of prisoners who were picking up trash
got too close to the rocket ship
and found my bottle stash.
Instead of throwing you in the waste receptacle
they loaded you on their bus... unacceptable!

That may have been the first
time I ever ran with such a speed burst!
That bus was leaving
with you held captive;
my chest was heaving!

Hand it over I stated
to the bus driver who provided
transportation to those incarcerated.
They looked around and just as I suspected
gave you back as I directed.

You have been with me to many races
5k to ultra, interesting places.
I left you at a vendor's stall
at the expo in Nashville, couldn't remember where...
found you at last, what a close call!

You tried to leave me at the place we met.
seems I have come full circle.  I work at
Luke's Locker, who would have bet!
Went to a staff meeting at West Gray
almost forgot you, glad it wasn't foul play.

I am no longer afraid to say I run
of course I'm slow but that's part of the fun.
Steadily improving, it's been a long
journey so far, but with you by my side
I know I'll be strong!

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