Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, Feb 22

YES!!! I was wondering if I would be able to walk the whole 10 miles I had planned for today. I stuck with the plan and set out to walk the whole 10 miles very slowly, keeping my HR below 70% of max for the whole walk. I was not concerned with speed except for mile #8. A lovely younger woman ran toward me on the path and as I greeted her, she appeared to give me a condescending glance as if to say: "Why are you greeting me, a runner, when you are a mere walker?".

Some day I will learn to just look the other way and stick with my plan, but today was not the day. Earlier today I had almost gotten into a car accident with some dolt who insisted on turning left from the lane that clearly had an arrow pointing straight ahead, so I was not going to let this runner girl think I was a simple fitness walker, no, not me. So, I kicked it into slow racewalking gear and did that mile in 13:27. Then I thought better and slowed back down to the stroll I was doing earlier.

Anyway, I wonder if "runner girl" has ever run a marathon, or 50k, or 50 miles, or 72.22 miles. If she has, well, more power to her. But to hazard a guess, I'll bet she runs a measly 3 or 4 miles a day to stay in shape, cause if she was an ULTRA runner, she probably would have greeted me just like any other person she saw on the path. So, I am thinking of getting one of those pink shirts that say "26.2 is for sissies" or one of those other shirts I saw that says "Harden the Fuck Up". My point is, I greet everyone I meet on the paths equally... whether they are a 3 mile a day walker, runner, or run 100's or Badwater. We all have our reasons to do what we do, and thank goodness we have our @$$e$ off the couch!

Anyhow... 10.14 miles; 14:49 average pace; 68% average HR.


  1. well, she obviously thought very highly of herself.

  2. My first response when I saw the thing about the way she looked at you was - has she ever run 100+k at one time?

    I like the shirt too.

    Just forget about her - she's not worth the energy, besides you're still an inspiration to people, including me. Can she say that?

    It's suzielea from thewalkingsite btw

  3. hahaha I want that tee shirt!! The best one I have seen is written on the back of it " YES, you have been passed by a race WALKER!!!!"

    but I am like you...I chat and greet everyone I see when I am out they on a bike, jogging or just walking the dog. We are all out there so why not just be really happy about it.

    May be she couldn't smile as she may have cracked her foundation or bled her lipstick ... tee heee

  4. Maryann, you are much to easy on running girl. Condescending comments within the range of my poor hearing is enough to cause me to open a can of verbal whoop-ass on'em. Did I spell that right?