Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Thursday!

Missed my workout on Monday, and that was ok with me. I tried to get up early on Tuesday, but my body was having none of that. So, the planned early morning walk turned into a plan for an afternoon walk. Then I got the call right before lunch that I was needed at work in Rosenberg for the afternoon. I did not leave the store until 7:45 pm for the 30 minute drive home and needed to stop at the store for a few things on the way home. So, no afternoon walk either.

Wednesday, I still got up a little later than I wanted to, but got dressed and went to the park for the weekly walk/jog. This time I only jogged the half-mile section 3 times for a total of 2.85 miles walking and 1.5 miles jogging. The workout took just as long as if I had walked the whole thing, so jogging does nothing for my pace during a shorter workout. And, that's ok with me. I am not really jogging to increase overall speed, but to balance things out... using different muscles when jogging to give the ones who feel used and abused a little less stress. The workout totaled 1 hour and a 13:47 minute per mile pace.
That evening, I went out for coffee with a friend and the talk we had made me realize how much I have been slacking in a lot of areas in my life. so...

Today, Thursday when the alarm went off at 5 am, I only laid in bed for 5 minutes and thought to myself, you SLACKER, get your @$$ out of bed. I walked my 6 miles this morning in 1:19:39. The average pace through the first 5 miles was 13:26, which was great because I was walking in the wet grass and gravel and working seriously on the pushoff at the rear of my stride. My shins got a great workout and it seems that this will also help with my racewalking. Mile number 6 - 12:29. Lots of stretching when I got home, then a shower and off to work. This evening, I am going to work on my legs with the stick, and treat myself to a nice hot foot soak!


  1. ok...I have to on your legs with a stick????? OMG what are you going to do them??? beat them...massage them.... please do tell?? :0)

    here is the link to the massage tool :-p

    this is the thing that airline security almost took from me when I was traveling to a race. I had it in my carry on bag, and the x-ray person said it looked like a club. I pleaded with them, and they let me put it back in my bag, after I showed them what it is used for. LOL

  3. hey wow, what a cool tool. My husband has hard foam rolls that he uses for his back...I am now eying up the longer one to see if I can use it in a similar way. I can see why the air line staff would stop you. You must have really sweet talked them to be able to take it on board. lol

    its back to physio on Monday for me. Hip pulled again today after 1km

  4. Good job getting up so early for your workout! You rock!!!

    I love "the stick". I have one too and it's awesome.

    Nyle, so sorry to hear about your hip :( :( :( hope it gets better quick!