Monday, August 24, 2009

New Shoes

In preperation for Dave McGovern's World Class Racewalking Clinic October 9-11 in Dallas... I read the new shoe reviews he linked on his website. I am a huge fan of Adidas Adizero shoes and found the Adidas Adizero RC on his list entitled best of the best. Since I already own 4 of the other shoes on the list, I decided to try these Adidas. They just came in the mail... I found them online for only $50.oo including shipping. They are as light as they can be and from now through October will get little wear from me. I plan to wear them ONLY for track workouts.
I feel like a kid with a new toy!

1 comment:

  1. Nice shoes!!! In new zealand all the race walk shoes are bright neon colours and drive me insane as it draws attention to your feet when in a judged race..hahaha...why they cant make plain white or like your new ones....

    Glad to hear they are nice and light..that is most important. I wear saucony shoes, they are 6oz each and its like you arent wearing any thing. But after a long race you do get hot feet and sore soles of feet. But you dont feel that til the next day ... lol