Thursday, March 5, 2009

Judged Racewalk

I have decided to do a 20k judged racewalk at Bear Creek Park in Houston on March 8, this Sunday. I remember doing this particular race 2 years ago, the day after I raced a 10k in downtown Houston. (and coming away from the weekend birthday racing celebration injured) This time, I am going to place all my emphasis on the racewalk rather than walk in another running race the day before.

I also know I said I was going to save the judged racewalking until after the 100 miler... Oh well... Live and learn. Of course, the main reason for participating is that I would love to see the sport of racewalking grow in popularity, and the only way this is going to happen is for walkers to 'stick their necks out' and start doing some judged events.

You all will also be happy to hear that I ordered several copies of Racewalking? Fun! and have contacted the middle school coach here in Sealy Texas. She has replied and wants to have a look at the materials. Our school district has recently (2 years ago) added soccer to the high shcool and junior high sports line-up, so why not racewalking???



  1. Nice going, Maryann. I look forward to hearing your impressions/results!